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September ’20 UPDATE – COVID-19 Safety Measures Implemented

In line with Government guidelines and our own risk assessment, the community centre have put in place a number of additional safety measures for the benefit of our visitors, regular hirers and their attendees.

There are many new signs in place throughout the centre, relating to the safe usage of the facility. As with all venues, a mask is required on entry, we have social distancing markers throughout, and the centre now operates a one-way system throughout the building where appropriate, to reduce congestion points.  The venue occupancy has been greatly reduced in line with government guidelines and will follow any future changes to numbers on an ongoing basis.  We have sanitizer stations throughout the building; on entry point in foyer, through corridors and outside each room.  Each room has a small cleaning station including sanitizer wipes and bin to use on any tables or chairs after use.  There is a restricted number of tables and chairs available.  All regular hirers are required to observe the centre guidelines and provide the centre with their own risk assessments.  In addition, they must bring their own sanitizer and cleaning items to ensure the cleanliness is maintained between groups throughout the day.

Our venue is thoroughly cleaned and sanitized each morning on a daily basis, with hygiene supplies replenished.

Our kitchen facility is unfortunately closed.  We are currently working with our regular hirers who are able to return under the current guidelines.  We are unable to accommodate private one-off parties or events currently.  To maintain safety, regular hirers and their attendees are permitted to enter the facility for the duration of their group, no unauthorised visitors, general enquiries or drop-ins are permitted.  All other visits, show rounds and enquiries are by phone or appointment only.

REMINDER:  All of our guidelines will adhere to any changes made by Government at any given time, and will be actioned in accordance with this as soon as possible.



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